Friday, August 20, 2010

Fake green peas (kacang hijau)

Info ni aku terima melalui email...smoga info ini berguna tuk kita semua...selamat membaca...

Green peas are green rounded pea seeds that are sweet and starchy in taste. Green peas contains twice the protein of most vegetable, so they are a healthier substitute for meat. Three quarters cup of peas provides 6 grams of protein, plus thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and 645 units of vitamin A.

Unfortunately most of food industries in developing nations cheating the customers with fake greens peas which are prepared from toxic chemicals (dyes). These industries preparing the Green peas form brown peas (cheaper) by soaking them in dye solution for overnight.

All these chemicals have been banned by US food and drug administration in 1974 itself. Frequent consumption of fake green peas leads to colon and bladder cancer.

All these fake green peas banned in US, Canada, all European countries and other developed countries.

Identification of fake green peas:

1. Put the peas in boil water for 30 seconds, water turns to green color.

2. After consumption check your tongue to observe green color stains and light bitter in taste.


1. Stomach irritation, pain or acidity.

2. Urine turns to light green color.

3. Mild head ache.

Case study:

I am a common person too and not aware of these things. After consumption of fake green peas I got stomach pain, with a little bit common sense I observed my tongue which having green stains.
The following packet bought from Tesco, penang on 4th July 2010.

As a responsible chemist I started analysis of above mentioned peas in laboratory I find the toxic chemicals (green dyes).

News paper reference:
China daily


Abd Karim MJ said...

iskh mcm nie ponboleh.. nie nak bagi orang mati ker apa nie kan....
sib baik x suka makan green beans nie...

hanismalik said...

Nice...good info. Thanks

gewcloset said...

thanks for info dear :)

ibu_Arifa said...

takutnyer baca...ingatkan semua yg real/ori jer.. nasib baiklah saya tak suka mkn kacang ni.
kalo beli sayur campur pun mesti pilih-buang kacang hijau.


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